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The story of BC Roy, according to newspaper accounts, begins in June 2011, when 18 babies died at the hospital over the course of two days. The news was first reported locally, but the outrage spread beyond Kolkata’s city limits. On national television, newscasters labeled BC Roy a “hospital of death.”

Hoping to blunt a politically poisonous scandal before it spun out of control, Mamata Banerjee, the state’s chief minister, or head of government, who doubles as minister of home, health and family welfare, established an inquiry into the infant deaths. Heading the inquiry was Dr. Tridib Banerjee, a private practice pediatrician (who is of no relation to Mamata Banerjee), and is known as the pediatrician to the state’s wealthy and elite.

Dr. Banerjee created the High Level Task Force, comprised of a group of health care professionals, to recommend things like the allocation of new equipment, the hiring of new doctors, and anything else that might prevent future incidents of infant mortality at the state’s many government hospitals. As a result, the intensive care unit at BC Roy was expanded, and carefully vetted hires were made.

But the worst was yet to come. In September, two years after adding modern equipment that Banerjee assured me was “as good anyone would find in the best American hospitals,” an astounding 41 babies died in the span of six days.

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'Displaced in C.A.R.': Victims of sectarian violence in Central African Republic

Scores of internally displaced Muslims are at the heart of the humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic, where violence between Christians and Muslims has threatened to spiral into genocide.

(Photographs by Goran Tomasevic/REUTERS)

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The deportees with nowhere to go

Just under 60,000 undocumented migrants were deposited in Tijuana, Mexico, from the US last year. Guardian photographer Felix Clay has been to Tijuana to document the deportees, soup kitchens and the homes of those who had built a life in America. See more


From Battling for Control of Eastern Ukraine, one of 36 photos. An armed pro-Russian man stands outside the seized mayor’s office in Slaviansk, Ukraine, on April 14, 2014. Towns in eastern Ukraine on Monday braced for military action from government forces as a deadline passed for pro-Russian separatists to disarm and end their occupation of state buildings or face a major “anti-terrorist” operation. (Reuters/Gleb Garanich)


Iran mother spares life of son’s killer in dramatic turn of events

An Iranian mother spared the life of her son’s convicted murderer with an emotional slap in the face as he awaited execution with the noose around his neck, a newspaper reported Thursday. The dramatic climax followed a rare public campaign to save the life of Balal, who at 19 killed another young man, Abdollah Hosseinzadeh, in a street fight with a knife back in 2007. (AFP)

(Photos by Araash Khamooshi/ISNA/AFP)


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The homemade weapons Ukrainians used against armed forces

With no previous experience in combat, lack of military training and limited access to conventional weapons, the protesters who filled the city’s central square had to use other methods of defending themselves against the government’s ruthless riot police.

Talented filmmaker Vanessa Black examined the range of homemade weapons used throughout the revolution for PolicyMic. Speaking to Maidan’s self-defense unit, Black uncovered the types of explosives and makeshift weapons protesters donned.

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Photos of the day - April 17, 2014

Terns fight over a catch in South Korea, A diver dressed as the Easter Bunny swims among sharks, rays and other species of fish in Singapore, A woman squats as she waits in a queue to cast her vote in India and Family and schoolmates of missing passengers of the Sewol ferry accident hold candles during a vigil in South Korea are just a few of the photos of the day for April 17, 2014.

(Photos by Kim Jae-Sun/EPA, Wong Mae-E/AP Photo, Amit Dave/REUTERS, Wany Ji-Woong/EPA)

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