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Boy holding stuffed toy animal amid ruins following German aerial bombing of London, 1945.

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A small Palestinian boy lies on a sofa while the Israeli bombardment of Gaza lights up the window behind him. July 29, 2014.
(Source) (Photo Credit: Suha Najjar)

A small Palestinian boy lies on a sofa while the Israeli bombardment of Gaza lights up the window behind him. July 29, 2014.

(Source) (Photo Credit: Suha Najjar)

(Source: thomassobien)


Aug. 9, 1930: In Castellane, southern France, about a hundred miles from the Italian border, a herd of sheep sought ground suitable for grazing. Earlier that year, Premier Benito Mussolini of Italy made his own references to sheep in the area, The Times reported. “Down with France!” was the crowd’s chant during a speech in which the premier explained that he was rousing his people from stupefaction, “the bleatings of foreign wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Photo: The New York Times


From Hollywood Streets, 1979-1983, one of 29 photos. Punk rock photographer and Hollywood denizen Rooh Steif on the bus in Hollywood. (© Matt Sweeney)


Water pollution in China

Growing cities, overuse of fertilizers and factory wastewater have degraded China’s water supplies to the extent that half the nation’s rivers and lakes are severely polluted. China aims to spend $850 billion to improve filthy water supplies over the next decade, but even such huge outlays may do little to reverse damage caused by decades of pollution and overuse in Beijing’s push for rapid economic growth.

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A Stone’s Throw

A Stone’s Throw


Scrap trailer in a farm yard

The last four weeks or so have seen a small photography project come together. Using the tintype setting on the Hipstamatic app, the project started as a couple of test images and grew larger, with aspect becoming clear after a revelatory walk through a location barely a mile from where i live. It was a wood, with a public footpath, that I’d never seen before.


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'Physical attributes are important but it’s 90% from the neck up. Anyone who makes it into the Special Air Service (SAS) is very determined, never going to give up, very focussed and single-minded to the point of being a difficult person at times. When I went through the SAS selection there were 12 of us who made it out of 120 guys…we were individuals but we all thought the same and had the same thread that ran through us.' - Harry Taylor, co-founder of Mission X. The competition, which takes place in the Jordanian desert, pits special forces teams from various countries against each other in simulated battle events.

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Special Forces teams from (clockwise from top left): China, Kazakhstan, United States, and Iraq. The Chinese ‘Snow Leopards’ won the 2014 competition.


To Be Rural: Theo Stroomer documents life in a western community

"I have come to see the North Fork as a modern microcosm for the changes in my home state and the nation. It reflects the evolution of many western communities, incorporating the rich western traditions of it’s history into a unique and modern Colorado identity."